É fantástico!

Where do we begin? We got to Rio days before the famous carnival would start. Thinking the entire city would transform, we quickly started doing some research. Our guide from the day before had mentioned that there were well over 2000 different block parties scattered over various parts of the city. Exciting!


‘Amazona, Amazona’! (Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody)

Phew, we survived the deep jungle. There was no way we were going to get out of there without battle scars, with wave after wave of mosquito making a feast of our European skins. In total we’ve counted about 50 bites, in spite of the gallons of deet we applied. Let’s chalk this one up to a unique experience than, shall we?

Snaking our way down the Amazon!

We arrived at the area around the private harbour where our boat, San Marino III, was docked. As we watched people arrive, the space around us grew smaller and smaller and soon we were surrounded by a giant curtain of hundreds of colourful hammocks, up to the point that we were rubbing feet with our neighbours. Everything for the experience, right?